Faculty of Management Studies

Today's business environment is experiencing unparalleled changes, creating new opportunities, and challenges. Due to the transformation from regulation to liberalization, protection to integration with international market, present day business situation has immensely changed. Also, the economy, the industry and the business environment become more complex. The Government regulations, rules are also changing and becoming complex for business entities. New knowledge and new skills are required for success in this time of transition. The objective of University is to create professionals who can lead and foster creativity, innovation in a dynamic technological environment with a strong focus on profits, who can minimize risk and increase shareholder value and also provide leadership in the organization. The ICFAI University, Raipur maintains a repute for up-to-date curriculum, quality teaching, research, consulting and publication.

The University brings together talented youth and highly qualified, experienced and energetic faculties. The programs of the University are highly regarded by the employers, business industries and organizations as our programs unify modern theory with current practices. For teaching purposes the modern day practice of using various case study in the class room following. Special emphasis is laid on imparting soft skills to meet the corporate requirements. The exclusive design and right mix of training processes of Soft Skills help the students add a new dimension to their personality. Students are encouraged to pursue projects in the courses to enhance their learning by applying theoretical concepts to industry situations. This is done under the guidance of experienced faculty to ensure proper focus and implementation. Summer Internship by students in industry or organizations under guidance is a unique feature of the university curricula.

Here, in the ICFAI University, Raipur we offer full time campus programs at Bachelor's and Master's degree level.
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The Faculty of Management Studies is currently offering following degree programs

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) - 2 Years program

Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA)- 3 Years program

Bachelors of Business Administration (Hotel Management & Catering Science) - 3 Years program

Ph.D. (Full-time/Part-time) program